Safe Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent hair removal, the BLEND method, is the most advanced method of hair removal. Safe and highly effective. The technique uses 24(ct.) gold sterile disposable probes to deliver an electric current into the hair follicle to destroy the hair root thus permanent hair removal.

You will receive the best care from a skilled hair removal professional who is a Registered Nurse with 35 years experience.

Why Choose Electrolysis

With Many Methods Of Hair Removal On The Market Today, One Fact Is Clear - Electrolysis Is The Only Proven Method For Removing Unwanted Hair Permanently.

Therapeutic Facials:

Microcurrent application to all acupressure points. The electrolytic cup has an anaphoretic effect on the skin, which opens up pores and extracts any clogged pores or comedones. Decrustation and removal of dead skin. The sine-surge modality is an alternating massage to all acupressure points to face, neck, and upper pectoral area. This process tones, firms, tightens, and helps with lymphatic movement and homeostasis or balance of circulation. A temporary face lift results. Cataphoresis, which infuses a moisturizer under the skin, closes all pores, and gives the skin a beautiful radiance and glow. The therapeutic facial includes a European massage to the face and decollete.

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